A bit about us

Located in the pulsing heart of downtown Carbondale, on a cobblestone street on the north side of the historic towne square, we're a casual, energetic, affordable neighborhood restaurant and bar. It's part bistro, part tapas bar, part wine bar, and part therapy for some (you know who you are). With a diverse crowd of "in-the-knows", it's been moving and shaking the scene for over 9 years, and has become a cherished neighborhood destination. It's a charming space, with a cozy seasonal patio. Open late afternoon til somewhere just before 2am. Whether you're stopping in for a glass of red to unwind with co-workers after a really long day, having a romantic dinner for two, or settling in around the firepit for tapas & cocktails with a group of friends, it hits the spot. There's something for everyone; a quick bite before darting off to see a movie, popping in to satisfy your sweet tooth craving with a fabulous dessert, or hipsters seeking a bit of noche late at night after tearing up the town...... It's romantic and cozy, yet bustling and alive.

The History of Global

We began as a catering business in 2001, known as the "The Gourmet Chef". In October 2003, the tiny store front on E Jackson St became available, and in April 2004 Global Gourmet opened as a 12 seat deli style restaurant, with mostly carry out service and no liquor license. In March 2006, we remodeled, added a 2nd restroom, a full service bar and a lot more seating, then began serving dinner on the weekends. Back then we were open from 11 AM till 2 AM, and we were still catering. As the restaurant clientele grew,and we became busier, we decided there were not enough hours in the day (nor extra space to store items & equipment) to keep on catering. We got rid of the deli cases, added a patio and began serving dinner Tuesday-Saturday. Now beginning our 10th year of business, we open at 4:30pm Monday-Saturday (with tapas only on Monday). Our kitchen is super tiny, hence the reason our menu is small. With no door on the kitchen, you can see us in there working our tails off when you pass by on your way to the patio or the loo. Give us a shout out but don't stay in the doorway too long and distract us. Attention to detail (ATD as Tip always says) is of utmost importance, and we must pay attention to what we're cooking.

Useful Information...at least we think it is

The dress code is a shirt, and something on the bottom. If it were up to us, we wouldn't require one or the other or both, but Carbondale code says it's a must. However, you can wear a track suit, your prom gown, carharts, daisy dukes or moo moos. You will be treated with the same warmth and respect, regardless of your fashion sense.

The ambience & music.... well, it depends on our mood. One things for sure, we like it loud and lively, as it drowns out foul mouthed language, though not that there ever is any. So expect us to be singing and dancing (trying to anyway) along to Edith Piaf, Raphael Saadiq, James Brown, Duran Duran, Bee Gees, Lady Gaga, Johnny Cash, Daft Punk, or whatever makes us happy that day.

We know our place is dimly lit (makes us all look amazing), so we do provide flashlights and reading glasses on request.


We ask that you not put chewing gum under the tables, spit, swear, pamphletere, fight (though healthy debating is allowed), steal tchotches off the wall or talk on your cell phone while your on a date. And gentlemen, please flush the toilet after useage and wash your filthy little hands.