Meet The Cast

Andrea Barclay

the woman behind it all, chef, wine taster, menu planner, dishwasher, decorator, babysitter, creative-working partner

Born (the year man landed on the moon) and raised in Southern Illinois. Certificate of Baking & Pastry, Culinary Institute of America, 1994. Bachelors of Science Degree (Education), Murray State University, 1990. Passion for cooking, wine, perfume, all things Chanel and traveling. Been to 26 countries so far, with many more to see. Obsessed with New York City & tries to go there as often as she can. Loves London too but finds it more difficult to get across the pond as often as she'd like. Works sun up til moon up.


janitor, dishwasher, food taster, chef's pain in the ass, life of the party, partner

Born (sometime last century or maybe the one before) in the hills of Harlan County, Eastern Kentucky (the bootleg capital of the world)  His grandad had him bootleggin' & in the pool hall at age 5. Raised in Memphis. Considers himself a citizen of the "world". Came to SIU to get an education and play football. He "played the field", graduated & never left. Been roaming the town square & been a fixture/icon of Carbondale ever since. Scotch & tequila afficianado, addicted to Sunday NFL, ethnic food lover, eats just about anything & puts hot sauce on almost everything. Constantly told by chef "stay out of that!"

Front of House
 Sarah, Shelby, Tommy, Ashley, Calesha 
Back of House
TJ, AnthonyBrandon, Mason to privacy, we will not name them



102 E Jackson Street

Carbondale, IL 62901


please call the restaurant for reservations or more information. chef is busy cooking & doesn't check e-mails.